Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

“I would like to extend my highest recommendation for Adriana Barnes. She is the absolute best at what she does. A true professional. Adriana’s love and passion for the animals she works with is contagious. Our dog gets overly excited to go with Adriana! She has a way with the animals that’s a perfect mix of love and discipline. I’m certain Adriana is a gift to all animals and we are thankful for that”

Nayib and Lara Estefan

Dog’s Name: Chucky and Hefner.

Adriana exceeded our expectations- she went above and beyond all job requirements. She has boarded our dogs numerous times when we would leave town and she would assume all responsibility for the care of our two dogs -including one senior dog who had very particular issues and specific needs. She gave 100% and made us feel very at ease leaving out dogs behind.

Do you think you received the necessary individual attention?: Adriana was very attentive to our dogs and their needs- we considered Adriana our family and we know she considered our dogs hers. We could not be happier with the care and love that Adriana showed our dogs. Adriana is a wonderful person with true devotion for all animals well being – we would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Adriana traveled with us in our long and difficult move from Los Angeles to Miami. She boarded the plane with our two dogs and my 7 month pregnant wife- and for the duration of the trip took full care for all of them. We truly would have not been able to complete our cross country move without her.

Andrew Aiello

Dog’s Name: Montie

“Adriana is passionate about her work. You can tell from the minute you meet her that she cares about the dogs that she works with. My wife and I have been through multiple trainers and Adriana stands out as one that does things the right way for the right reasons. She really takes the time to understand each dog and helps you understand them as well, which is the key to moving forward with any issues.”

Ben Rawitz

Dog’s Name:Lua

“Adriana is the best. I have never met anyone else with her level of expertise that cares so much about the animals”



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