Second Chance at Love Humane Society


A rescue is only as good as it lasts. Each year, millions of dogs are taken to animal services and humane societies due in large part to unresolved behavioral and health issues. These same issues contribute to each dog’s inability to find a new home and to their eventual euthanasia. Second Chance at Love Humane Society recognizes the flaw in this system and has established a new paradigm, tackling comprehensive and lasting dog rescue that begins before and continues after a dog is adopted: Rescue, Rehabilitation, Refuge,Permanent Adoption, Behavior Consultations, Education and Outreach (click on logo to read more)




Greyhounds 112 is a non-profit organization registered in the Registre d’Associacions of the Generalitat de Catalunya which aims to collect retired greyhounds or in situations of commercial, sport or abandoned use, in order to give them the necessary veterinary care in each case and adoptive families relocate them as pets, and to promote responsible ownership of all kinds of domestic animals and respect for nature.)



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