Dog Workshop Weekend

Workshop May 16,17,18

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Circle of Life dog Psychology Center Training
Our Mission is to connect both worlds (Human and Dog) to be able to balance a structure life of respect and achive a relationship full of love and obedience. 

Adriana Barnes will Lead you to discover your dogs psychology life thorough hands on training that can be used every day. This work shop is not only meant for trainers but more for dog owners that would like to learn how to be a leader and correct any behavoir issues with their dog. In each of this days we will practice different strategies and techniques that you will discover how to embrace the calm and strong LEADER in you, to help your dog over come unwanted behavior.
“Its the most powerful moment to see my students at the last day lead the pack of dogs we worked with each day” Adriana Barnes At the end of the workshop weekend you will be able to see the difference from day one as you participate in a pack walk with 10-12 dogs as a leader!

Workshops will be held at Circle of Life Dog Psychology Center 

39864 Calle El Clavelito Santa Clarita CA, 91390


Day One: Leadership
Learn how to bring out The Calm Leader in you. Learn how to create harmony in both lifes animal and human.

Day Two: Connection
Learn how to connect to your dog by reading your dogs body language and listening to their needs. Communicate with your energy and tone in your voice


Day Three: Behavior
Learn about dog behavior and how to redirect behavor to properly correct your dog.

More Info
Dogs must provide up to date shot records.
Classes limited to 10-12 Students/dogs
Will be grouped by aggression level
Interact with other students and their dogs
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Meet the Trainer: Adriana Barnes

Workshop May 16,17,19

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Workshops will be held at Circle of Life Dog Psychology Center 

39864 Calle El Clavelito Santa Clarita CA, 91390

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Dog Workshop Daily Schedule 

  • 9:30 am with pack walk
  • 10:30 lecture and training starts
  • 12:00 pm lunch
  • 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm  hands on work
  • 3:15 last pack walk
    questions may be asked in class this is why we limit 10 students per day.

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Future Workshop weekends

  • Jun 26,27,28
  • July, 24,25,26
  • August 28,29,30
  • September 26,27,28
  • Oct, 9,10,11

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